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Meike K. noted on Google

Really good food, nice ambiance, huge portions. The service was a little chaotic and slow, but it was definitely worth the wait! :)

il y a 2 ans
Gaetan C. noted on Google

The food is tasty and well seasoned. The service was a bit slow this day though.

il y a 2 ans
christian_bordet noted on TripAdvisor

En ce vendredi 22 novembre 2019 : Très agréablement surpris dans le cas de ce restaurant qui a changé de décor et de cartes Un très bon repas très belle entrée décor agréable. Un peu d’attente dans le service mais je pense qu’il est victime...

il y a 2 ans
Hannah D. noted on Google

I found this restaurant through the app The Fork/La Fourchette. I really liked the decor of the place. They have paper umbrellas covering the ceiling, and the chairs & booths look like they are made out of upcycled items. They make ordering very easy, with letter and number combinations next to the names (ex. A3, P9, M4). The time it took for food to arrive to the table was spot on for us. Overall we spent an hour and a half here, which to me is perfect for a date night. I am new to Thai food, but I loved everything! For our entrée we had 01 Assortiment Mèng Lak, which is meant for 2 people. It came with 4 different sauces: peanut (my favorite!), sweet chile, a very spicy red, and an almost clear one that is usually used for spring rolls (not sure on the name). For the main course I had P3 Kai Kra Tiem Pick Thai with A7 Khao Pad, which is garlic chicken & cantonese rice. I ended up mixing everything together, and the sauce with the rice was divine! Delicious! My husband had M1 Neua Kra Ta, which is a beef dish. He also ordered broccoli with it. He loved his meal even more than I did! Overall we were very pleased with our experience, and will definitely be back in the future!

il y a 2 ans



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